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Wine Decanters

Wine Decanters
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Bacchus Wine Decanter
This collection is an exquisite example of fine craftsmanship, which is engraved and painted by..
Dionysus Carafe 10 1/2
Each glass in this collection displays a different type of wine, while the carafe brings all the dif..
Milano SE Wine Decanter 13
This collection features a white lined pattern that is filled in with white and platinum paint. Beca..
Milano Wine Decanter 13
This collection features a cobalt blue line swirl pattern of glass.  The stained glass app..
Orleans Wine Decanter
A very vibrant and cheerful collection, Orleans is hand-painted with blue, green, and red paint. ..
Perfect Decanter 750 ml
Like our Perfect Stemware, this decanter is the result of searching for a basic decanter that will f..
Porto Decanter Set
Guaranteed conversation pieces. These hand-blown serving accoutrements date back to 17th century Eur..
Riedel Amadeo Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Decanter (P/N 1756/13). Decanting old wines just a few moments before they are served ..
Riedel Amadeo Noir Decanter
Riedel Amadeo Noir Decanter (P/N 8756/13). Each decanter is hand-blown, extreme, unique, and sexy! ..
Riedel Black Tie Bliss Decanter
Riedel Bliss Decanter (P/N 2009/03). The Bliss Decanter is handmade and mouth-blown of 24% lead crys..
Riedel Cornetto Decanter
Riedel Cornetto Decanter (P/N 1977/13). Decanting old wines just a few moments before they are serve..
Riedel Cornetto Magnum Noir Decanter
Riedel Cornetto Magnum Noir Decanter (P/N 8977/26). There are classics, literature, music, movies, c..
Riedel Duck Decanter
Riedel Duck Decanter (P/N 1700/14). Individually mouth-blown, each decanter varies slightly. Craf..
Riedel Horn Decanter
Riedel Horn Decanter (P/N 2014/02). Austria's early horse-drawn carriage mail service used a Pos..
Riedel O Decanter
Riedel O Decanter (P/N 1414/13). Decanting old wines just a few moments before they are served helps..