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Wine Glasses - Cheers!

Finding the right wine glass for any occasion is easy at Cheers Wine Boutique. The type of wine glass that will meet your needs depends on the type of entertaining you do as well as the wine that you serve.

If you are serving simple wines from current vintages at a picinic or a deck party we have Outdoor Wine Glasses or My Style Glasses to meet your needs or theme of the event. For more formal dinner parties or wine tastings you will want a stemware that is suitable for the type of wine you are serving. Champagne glasses are flute-shaped stemware that help preserve the carbonation due to the narrow opening of the glass. A tapered, ten to twelve ounce glass works well for white wines while a larger rounder bowl is for your red wines. The wide opening on a red wine glass provides for more oxidation of the wine, while a tapered or narrower opening will give some oxidation for your delicate white wines.